• Andy

Getting Sweaty In The Living Room With My Girlfriend

The other day me and my girlfriend both got home from work after a long day

Locked the door, closed all the blinds

Looked at each other and started taking our clothes off...

(Easy there tiger, it ain't nothing like that.)

Then we put the TV on, flicked on Youtube and loaded up the latest 'Dance workout' video.

Lemme splainith,

For the last 12 months I've been trying really hard to get my girlfriend into fitness.

She's just not a 'fitness' person, and lacks the confidence to get down the gym right now.

So we've tried a bunch of different things instead:

*Boxing (she actually really enjoyed punching me to be fair)

* Couch to 5K

* Home workouts

But nothing that she's enjoyed enough to stick to.

Until now!

She recently found this 'dance workout' channel on Youtube and she's been loving it.

And I've been joining in her workouts to try and support her.

I'm awful at the dancing part (hence why I shut the blinds before we start because I don't want the neighbours videoing me and uploading it to twitter)

I end up just thrashing about like a fish out of water BUT that doesn't matter, It's a workout.

I'll have to admit at first I was skeptical but having done a few workouts with her now I'm sold! 

They're actually pretty tough and you finish up the video sweating buckets.

My point?

Well, you don't have to be in the gym running on the treadmill for an hour every day to get in shape.

Nope. Just find something that's active and that you ENJOY!

Move around, burn calories BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, have fun!

(If you have fun then you'll actually stick to the programme and keep doing it. Rather than quitting after a week or two)

Life is too short to spend time running on a treadmill being bored out of your fucking mind.

Do shit that you enjoy.

Andy "Dance like no one is watching" Graydon

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