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I was listening to the radio the other day and they were talking about 'Gymtimidation'

Which BTW, is a VERY real thing.

The fear of going to a gym/fitness class etc...

Honestly, the first time I stepped into a gym aged 16 I was terrified.

People stare, you feel self conscious in your body, you don't have a f*cking clue what you're doing.

It's difficult. It's hard to just 'get over' your gymtimidation.

In fact, most mainstream gyms rely on peoples fear of the gym because they want them to sign up and pay a membership but then not go. <---- This is how budget gyms make money on their £13 a month memberships. 

(people pay for membership but never actually use the gym)

Anyway, I've spent A HUGE chunk of my career trying to figure out how to help people with their gymtimidation.

Because these are the people that I want to help the most! These are the people that need my help the most.

The main thing I've learnt? 


It's not a fear of the gym that you have. It's a fear of the environment.

  • The gym douchebags STARING at you and making you feel uncomfortable.

  • The girls in a full face of make up and all their 'gymshark' gear, making you feel self conscious

  • The assholes throwing weights around, grunting and being idiots

  • The people telling you that you're "doing that wrong"

I get it. Honestly, every single type of dickish gym behaviour, I've seen it.

And it's exactly what I've tried to avoid.

You'll know by now that my 90 day bulletproof transformation is tailored TO WOMEN

ALL sessions are private, so it's only you, your coach and likeminded women in the sessions.

(no creepy guys staring on being douchebags)

  • No mirrors.

  • No treadmills.

  • No phones (no chance of you getting caught in the back of someone else's selfie)

The gym environment matters, and that's why I've created such a great one that not only helps women get over their fear of the gym BUT also helps them ENJOY the gym and stick around LONG after their initial 90 days are complete.

I know it's easy for me to say so I asked my clients what their biggest achievement was since starting training with me and here's what they had to say:

"Absolutely love the gym environment and made good friends. Never judged either which is refreshing these days. Brilliant coaches and progress noticeable over the 3 years I've been attending. Not just physically but mentally aswell" - Susan Bell

"Having a consistent gym routine and wanting to stick to it. Also the gym community has been a massive bonus as everyone supports and encourages each other. I've made some great pals." - Leona Cook

"Walking in, the thought of joining a gym completely terrified me and now I look forward to my sessions and have made some excellent mates" - Kat McGoldrick

"Going consistently to the gym, several times a week, for nearly 2 years" - Angela Gregg

"Sticking with it! If this had been any other gym like 'pure gym' etc I would've stopped going long ago (likely while still paying the monthly fee) - Claire McCabe

There's a whole bunch more comments just like that ^^ BUT this post is getting kinda long now so I'm gonna leave you with those ones.

If 'gymtimidation' has stopped you from getting the results that YOU DESERVE!

Then now is the time to step up, come and work in a judgement free zone where you can feel comfortable AND change your entire life.

Drop me an email with the subject line "Bulletproof" and I'll get you all the info on how AG Fitness can help

Andy "Gymtimidation" Graydon




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