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How To Lose Weight

I always hear the same thing from new clients that join my 90 day bulletproof programme

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When they join they always tell me that they're lost, stuck, feel like nothing they do works for them.

I get it, honestly I do.

It's no wonder people are lost and confused when there's so much misinformation kicking about out there online:

  • *Low carb diets

  • *Ketogenic diets

  • *Fasting

  • *Counting syns

  • *5:2

  • *Shake diets

  • *Loads of other useless shit.

I don't need to tell you about that though right?

You've probably heard of them all before.

I'd actually be surprised if you hadn't tried at least one of them.

But it's confusing, isn't it?

How do you know which one to do? 

How do you know which one is going to work for you?

Well, here's a bit of science for you to cut through the bullshit:

If you want to lose weight then you have to be in a calorie deficit

^^This means that you have to BURN more calories than you CONSUME^^

That's how all those diets I've listed work. They restrict calories in some way shape or form.

(Don't argue that. It's science. If they didn't put you in a calorie deficit then you wouldn't lose weight)

So in that sense they all technically *work*...

In the sense that if you do them then you WILL lose weight BUT (ah yes, there's always a but) this is where they DON'T WORK:

They're unsustainable.

You'll lose weight in the time that you stick to the diet BUT the moment you stop, guess what?

You're no longer restricting calories.

You're no longer in a calorie deficit. 

You're back to eating like you did before

Back to eating the way you did that caused you to GAIN weight.

And that's what causes the rebound...the weight gain once you've "completed" a diet.

See, that's the problem.

All of these diets are unsustainable.

You can't stick to them. So any progress is short lived.

And leaves you with that feeling of yo-yo dieting (losing weight only to gain it back again)

So what's the solution?

Find something you can stick to!

Adopt a lifestyle change rather than looking for a quick fix.

Find something that's going to work for you BUT still enable you to go out and enjoy yourself.

Something that can help you lose weight BUT still eat pizza.

Something like my bulletproof transformation.

Where we focus on a complete lifestyle change BUT don't ask you to cut out any food that you enjoy.

Where we don't ask you to count 'syns' or starve yourself.

Where we actually work with you to find a way that works for YOU!

Interested? Just drop me an email with the subject line "Bulletproof" and I'll get you ALL the info you need.

Andy "Should've been a scientist" Graydon

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