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I Wore Lifts In My Shoes To Look Taller

Pictured above is the heel lift that I wore in my shoes on my first date with my girlfriend (and my cute dog in the background), read below and I'll explain why 👇

On Sunday just gone I celebrated a year together with my beautiful girlfriend.

(quite a big achievement for a guy that used to go on no more than 2 dates)

And fair play to her for putting up with my shit for a full 12 months.

Anyway, we were sitting the other day reminiscing about our first date. 

And it totally reminded me of how nervous I was.

We met on tinder, I was very keen and super liked her.

And we got on like a house on fire and arranged a date shortly after

(I actually cancelled a date that I already had arranged so that I could go on a date with her...but let's not talk about that haha).

Anyway, I was super nervous beforehand, and it was made worse by the fact that we had already spoken about an area that I'm pretty insecure about:


I don't know if you've seen me before but I'm not exactly towering over anybody at the massive height of 5'6".

She had already mentioned that she was 5'10"...

She had also said that height really didn't bother her but as I've said my height has always been something I'm pretty insecure about.

I was terrified that I was going to show up on our first date and she would tower above me, take one look at me and be like "Nope".

So, in preparation for this, I bought myself a pair of 'heel lifts' that inserted into my shoes to make myself look a little bit taller.

(Yeah I know it's ridiculous!)

But here's the thing, I was so conscious of my height and when it came down to it she just didn't care.

I didn't wear the lifts in my shoes on our second date, and she didn't even notice.

So what's my point here?

Well, we all have our insecurities.

Whether it's our height, our body, our nose, a wee mole that we've got...

(I actually have a third nipple that I used to be really insecure about but more on that another day!haha)

Sure we can work on them and we can try to change them but we can also work on ourselves, build our confidence and begin to feel more comfortable in our own body.

Because here's the thing, if you're insecure about your body then it doesn't matter how much you change it, you'll still feel insecure.

Confidence comes from within.

And I'd love to help you bulletproof your confidence over the next 90 days within my bulletproof transformation.

All you need to do for all the info?

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Andy "Short arse" Graydon

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