• Andy

Remember 'Jersey Shore'?

Did you ever watch 'Jersey Shore' back in the day?

The ORIGINAL reality TV Show, before Geordie shore and love island and all that shit.

Pretty standard reality show, 8 folk living together over a summer in America. 

All total ego maniac douchebags. 

Loads of drama.

Kind of made you feel good about your own life when you saw how messy theirs were.

Anyway, the guys on the programme were obviously very vain and they used to participate in a daily ritual of 'GTL' 

Gym, Tanning, Laundry.

It's exactly what it sounds like, they'd go to the gym and workout together. 

Then they'd go to the sun-beds and get a tan and then they'd go pick up/drop off their laundry so that they had the right clothes to wear to the club.

Like I said, they were pretty vain.

I actually cringe admitting this to you BUT I used to think that they were like the coolest people ever.

I didn't just want to be like them, I wanted to BE them!

So much so that me and my mates developed our own 'Gym Tanning Laundry' routine.

(Yeah I was a douchebag when I was 17 years old but who wasn't??!!)

BUT here's the thing amigo, as cringey as this 'GTL' system was, it also resulted in me getting in the best shape of my life!

Seriously, I got absolutely RIPPED.


One word...


We did GTL after work EVERY SINGLE DAY.

It wasn't a task or a chore. 

It was just something that we did.

Every day.

It was a part of my schedule.

A part of my life.

And whilst it ain't exactly does bring up a point...

If you make something a part of your life?

Then you're gonna get REALLY good at it.

If I practiced golf EVERY DAY, then I'd get pretty good at it in no time.

It's the same thing here amigo, if you can make the gym and healthy eating just a part of your routine?

Then huge results are going to follow.

(You don't have to be hitting the gym every day. In fact I only ask for 3 days a week as part of my bulletproof programme)

If you make it part of your routine, it stops being a task or something you begrudge doing. 

It becomes something you'll enjoy. A part of your life.

And that's the whole point in my bulletproof programme.

I want to change your life BUT I also want you to enjoy the process and have fun.

If that sounds good to you?

Then just drop me an email with the subject line "Bulletproof" and I'll get you ALL the info that you need.

Andy "GTL Douchebag" Graydon

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